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Intuitive Abstract Paintings on Canvas


One of my newest bodies of art work combines both a playful look with bright colors, black and white.  These are Intuitive Abstract paintings done on canvas and some created on heavy bristol board, a type of archival artist’s paper.  I refer to this type of work as intuitive because I start each painting without any pre-conceived idea of what I will paint.  It is actually fun to watch a painting unfold before you … much to my surprise.  Obviously, decisions to have to be made once you start, deciding what color to put where and what spaces to leave white, etc.

I start by drawing random lines and shapes until I am happy with the overall composition.  Sometimes, I will add extra elements as I go along.

Some of these pieces can be seen and purchased through Saatchi.

Bold Geometric Abstract Paintings

painting on cardboard

A few weeks ago I got it into my head to try painting on cardboard.  It has been such a fun adventure.  I almost can’t stop myself from painting on any piece of cardboard I can find.  I love the texture of the bumps and lines that form when I start painting the cardboard.  Although I know that this is not the most stable surface to paint on for archival purposes, I have been doing a bit of research.  If gel medium is used to coat all surfaces this forms a good barrier prior to painting.  And I am so delighted that the little dimples and bumps still appear.

There are a number of reasons I love painting on cardboard:

  • It’s free.
  • I’m recycling materials.
  • It’s readily available.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • I can experiment more freeely.
  • Love the texture.

I am also recreating the look of painting on cardboard on my large canvases.  Everything is about the same except for the texture.

New Cement Sculptures

cement sculptures

I have been quite busy this summer creating some fun and fantastic new sculptures.  One of my favorites is title “All Dressed Up” which incorporates a large found metal object that I’ve had for over ten years.  This is one of the new sculptures that I am getting ready to show at a Sculpture show in North Carolina. But I think my all time favorite up to this time is a new Horse sculpture named “Blue”.  He was made using a metal armature that I fashioned from hardware cloth, wire, chicken wire, paint, sand and cement.

This past month, however, was filled with lots of time with three groups of grandkids who came to visit back-to-back.  We did lots of craft projects, went swimming, went rock collecting and more.  The last grandson who came to visit even made his very first cement sculpture … one of the Southpark characters, Eric.  So, it’s been a fun and busy few months.

Now I am getting some of the business stuff done for the upcoming show, making new handouts, etc.  Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how it went!

Small Figurative Sculptures

cement sculptures

The weather is now getting warm enough that I am starting to design some new figurative sculptures.  These are currently just designs in my head or small sketches in my notebook.  But I will start up the season with some more figurative pieces, horses and men.  One of my cement figures titled Tall Dark Handsome, will be in an exhibit that starts April 17th at the Susquehanna Art Museum in Harrisburg PA.  The exhibit which is titled Found in Transition will be showcased in the lobby of the new Museum building.

Planned for this month will be the start of a few big sculptures incorporating glass and sections of colored glass bottles.  I love bottle walls and may also incorporate the bottles into sections of low bottle wall fencing … perfect to add some fun, color and light to a garden area.

Happy Art


Over the winter I have been painting more and dreaming of the warm, sunny weather.  While my palette of colors remains bold, I find myself thinking of beachy scenes and my colors are getting a bit lighter and brighter.  I’m anxious to get back to the outside studio and start on some exciting new cement sculptures.  Stay tuned for some fun stuff.

Colorful Fun in the Studio

Artist studio of Sharon Pierce McCullough

With just a month to go, I am painting away and getting ready for my solo Art showing at the Adams County Arts Council, Gettysburg, PA.  The exhibit will be hanging for the entire month of May, 2014.

Some of the art I will be showing will be works on paper but now I am finishing up with some large acrylic paintings on canvas.  Maybe it’s the excitement of the upcoming show or the purchase of some new paint colors, but my palette is veering towards the fun and colorful, even more so than the past year.  The majority of paintings will have been completed during the past year.  And the title for the show?  Abstracts: Color Me Happy!