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Abstract Art – Color Me Happy

Abstract art

It’s been a whirlwind week.  After setting up my solo exhibit at the Adams County Arts Council two weeks ago, I then headed right down to Virginia Beach for business and family.  The show will hang for the rest of May 2014 and then I will have two other abstract pieces, in more muted tones in another juried exhibit. Here is a photo from the Artist reception on May 2nd.

Colorful Fun in the Studio

Artist studio of Sharon Pierce McCullough

With just a month to go, I am painting away and getting ready for my solo Art showing at the Adams County Arts Council, Gettysburg, PA.  The exhibit will be hanging for the entire month of May, 2014.

Some of the art I will be showing will be works on paper but now I am finishing up with some large acrylic paintings on canvas.  Maybe it’s the excitement of the upcoming show or the purchase of some new paint colors, but my palette is veering towards the fun and colorful, even more so than the past year.  The majority of paintings will have been completed during the past year.  And the title for the show?  Abstracts: Color Me Happy!

The Impostor

abstract art painting

Seize the Day

Abstract colorful painting

This recent painting was done on paper using acrylics and mixed media.  It is a fun and whimsical piece titled “Seize the Day.”  As a very optimistic person, I am drawn to bright colors with a touch of whimsy.

Bold Contemporary Art

abstract geometric painting

As I continue my journey of painting and creating art, I find myself occasionally distracted by “thinking too much” about which direction I should be heading.  But I keep trying to follow my heart and paint what comes naturally.  I continue to be drawn to the geometrics and bright color.  In this painting, which is done with both acrylics and mixed media, I try to let my hand free to draw an image on the painted background that is a loose geometric.  Sometimes I agonize over which color I will paint where, but then I think many artists that don’t paint in a traditional, realistic manner, go through this same process.

Title:  The Organization, Acrylics/ Mixed Mediaon Bristol Board.  Copyright 2013 Sharon Pierce McCullough

New Geometric Abstract

geometric abstract painting

For some reason I am always drawn to the combination of black and bright colors.  I guess I love the stark contrasts and, of course, I always love bright and colorful.  One of my current series of paintings seems to be reinvigorating my original style done in a whimsical manner, but with more of a geometric flair.  It is a minimal, bold and colorful look.

This recent painting, a geometric abstract, is done with acrylics and mixed media.  It is 19×24 inches on Bristol Board.

Copyright 2013 Sharon Pierce McCullough