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Fun New Paintings

representational abstract painting

I’ve been having a lot of fun with some of my newest paintings.  My mind is whirling with new images to paint.  These two recent paintings, both acrylics on paper, were so much fun and the colors attest to it.

The top painting is titled Options.  It’s acrylic on paper, 19×24.  It reflects how sometimes our options in life are conflicting.

colorful paintings

The second painting, titled Summertime, is reminiscent of the fun days of summer.  It’s also acrylic on paper, 19×24.

Copyright Sharon Pierce McCullough.  All rights reserved.


Livin the Life

abstract painting

This new abstract painting titled Livin the Life signifies the fun and excitement one can experience if they are open to new adventures on the path of life.  Painted with acrylics on 19×24″ paper.

I love the colors and movement in this new painting.  Since I have been away from my studio for the past week helping my eldest son pack up his house for a move, I have missed not being in the studio.  There is a part of me that needs to create on a daily basis, so I haven’t been getting my creative fix lately.

Today, I sent in a preliminary application to the Harpo Foundation, in hopes of getting some grant money this year.  Hopefully, I will be able to keep painting on a continuous basis, so that I can get into some good gallery exhibitions.

My plans for an exciting new body of work are taking shape, exciting new abstracts, so sometime in the near future I will share the plan with you.



Painted with acrylics on archival bristol board, this painting is titled Solitude.  It is part of the body of work called What Lies Beneath.

2013, Sharon Pierce McCullough

New Dawn

abstract painting in pinks

One of my favorite new abstracts done in pinks, yellows and orange with bold strokes of white.  It is titled New Dawn as it evokes the bright and cheerful colors of morning.

New Dawn, 30×40, acrylic on canvas by Sharon Pierce McCullough.  January 2013

Straight and Narrow

abstract art

A new painting titled “Straight and Narrow” depicts all the choices one has in life and all the available wrong turns we can make.  An abstract painting on canvas done with acrylics.

Straight and Narrow, 36×48 acrylic on canvas by Sharon Pierce McCullough

Pencils to Paint

sharon pierce mccullough art

Lately I’ve been reflecting my transition from pencils to paint.  I think my main influence for using prismacolor pencils was that I had good control of the medium, plus I loved being able to get deep, bright colors other pencils couldn’t achieve.

For some reason I am not a brush artist.  I absolutely do not think I control a brush very well … no matter the size.  Well, let me re-word that.  I can control a brush but I don’t like the results when I use one most of the time.

When I think back to my prismacolor days, I realize that I liked having that control  Now, for some reason, I have moved on to paint and a freedom in using the paints.  I prefer using most anything as a tool rather than a brush, however.  And, yes, I do utilize rollers of all sizes.  My current paintings are created on both canvas and paper.

Fanticize, 2013,  Abstract painting on paper by Sharon Pierce McCullough