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Large Canvas Paintings

Since November 2019, I have started working on a new series of large paintings on canvas. Although it can present a challenge, it is a very freeing experience. It’s hard to go back to small but the expense and room needed to continue to create large format canvases can make it difficult. But I am a big believer of the old adage “Go Big or Go Home!” It’s that time in my life to pursue big!

These large abstract paintings are still colorful but I have added a twist of random, gestural lines rather than my intuitive line work. Titled my Constellation series, these paintings feature fun, yet whimsical images that I define constellations one might find in the galaxy. It’s a surreal representation of reality.

Creating Found Object Sculptures

industrial found objects

Found Object Sculptures

If you have been following along with my art career, you have certainly noticed that my path of creating art branches out in many directions.  Although my focus remains on both paintings and sculpture, my sculptures vary according to my choice of materials.

Since I have always had an interest in finding unusual items that might work well when worked into a sculpture, one of my main series of sculptures are made from found objects.  Most of the pieces I am drawn to are old metal, often auto parts or other industrial castoffs.  I’m a known junkyard junkie who will never turn down a trip to a junkyard or other similar place to find castoff items.  You just never know what unique part will be waiting right around the next corner or on the next trip in search of pieces for sculptures.

Creating Found Object Sculptures

It often takes years to find the right, compatible objects to make the sculpture that speaks to me.  I’m not interested in making “cute” critters but real art objects.  Many trips to the outdoor studio and lots of trial with items, along with many days thinking about the design, finally helps a sculpture come to life.  Sometimes some of the found objects just seem meant for each other in a short period of time.  But many times, pieces are partly paired together, waiting on my workbench until the last few pieces are “found’.

It’s a totally different thought process and working process from sculptures made from cement or plaster.  But once a sculpture comes together, it is like a birth of sorts.

Since I am not currently a welder, I often make cement bases with metal/ rebar extending from them to attach the sculpture.  I then, usually, wire and epoxy pieces firmly together.


Seize the Day

Abstract colorful painting

This recent painting was done on paper using acrylics and mixed media.  It is a fun and whimsical piece titled “Seize the Day.”  As a very optimistic person, I am drawn to bright colors with a touch of whimsy.

Bold Contemporary Art

abstract geometric painting

As I continue my journey of painting and creating art, I find myself occasionally distracted by “thinking too much” about which direction I should be heading.  But I keep trying to follow my heart and paint what comes naturally.  I continue to be drawn to the geometrics and bright color.  In this painting, which is done with both acrylics and mixed media, I try to let my hand free to draw an image on the painted background that is a loose geometric.  Sometimes I agonize over which color I will paint where, but then I think many artists that don’t paint in a traditional, realistic manner, go through this same process.

Title:  The Organization, Acrylics/ Mixed Mediaon Bristol Board.  Copyright 2013 Sharon Pierce McCullough

Working in my Art Studio

abstract art

For the past month my emphasis has changed, while I experiment with some old and new mediums.  My studio is now filled with this new body of work that I am calling “Chalk it to Me”.  While it is not actually chalk I am using, the end result has the appearance of a chalkboard and chalk, with lots of color mixed in.

At first I was only using a black background but now I am using some vibrant colors, using this same technique and I love the results.  I have been trying to find my own “voice” so to speak and I think I have found it!!



Painted with acrylics on archival bristol board, this painting is titled Solitude.  It is part of the body of work called What Lies Beneath.

2013, Sharon Pierce McCullough