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Bold Contemporary Art

abstract geometric painting

As I continue my journey of painting and creating art, I find myself occasionally distracted by “thinking too much” about which direction I should be heading.  But I keep trying to follow my heart and paint what comes naturally.  I continue to be drawn to the geometrics and bright color.  In this painting, which is done with both acrylics and mixed media, I try to let my hand free to draw an image on the painted background that is a loose geometric.  Sometimes I agonize over which color I will paint where, but then I think many artists that don’t paint in a traditional, realistic manner, go through this same process.

Title:  The Organization, Acrylics/ Mixed Mediaon Bristol Board.  Copyright 2013 Sharon Pierce McCullough

Geometry in Motion

As I continue with my geometric abstracts, many of my newer pieces of art are taking on a very minimalist look.  This fun painting is done with acrylics and mixed media on bristol board.  I’m having a lot of fun creating the paintings in this newest series.

I must admit that I am constantly drawn to paint black backgrounds, then work with fun bold color to finish the painting.  But I am continually experiementing with other color combinations.  I really like how this painting turned out and the colors on the red background.


Painting:titled Relationships, 19×24 inches.  Copyright Sharon Pierce McCullough

New Geometric Abstract

geometric abstract painting

For some reason I am always drawn to the combination of black and bright colors.  I guess I love the stark contrasts and, of course, I always love bright and colorful.  One of my current series of paintings seems to be reinvigorating my original style done in a whimsical manner, but with more of a geometric flair.  It is a minimal, bold and colorful look.

This recent painting, a geometric abstract, is done with acrylics and mixed media.  It is 19×24 inches on Bristol Board.

Copyright 2013 Sharon Pierce McCullough