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Abstract Art – Color Me Happy

Abstract art

It’s been a whirlwind week.  After setting up my solo exhibit at the Adams County Arts Council two weeks ago, I then headed right down to Virginia Beach for business and family.  The show will hang for the rest of May 2014 and then I will have two other abstract pieces, in more muted tones in another juried exhibit. Here is a photo from the Artist reception on May 2nd.

Seize the Day

Abstract colorful painting

This recent painting was done on paper using acrylics and mixed media.  It is a fun and whimsical piece titled “Seize the Day.”  As a very optimistic person, I am drawn to bright colors with a touch of whimsy.

New Geometric Abstract

geometric abstract painting

For some reason I am always drawn to the combination of black and bright colors.  I guess I love the stark contrasts and, of course, I always love bright and colorful.  One of my current series of paintings seems to be reinvigorating my original style done in a whimsical manner, but with more of a geometric flair.  It is a minimal, bold and colorful look.

This recent painting, a geometric abstract, is done with acrylics and mixed media.  It is 19×24 inches on Bristol Board.

Copyright 2013 Sharon Pierce McCullough

Livin the Life

abstract painting

This new abstract painting titled Livin the Life signifies the fun and excitement one can experience if they are open to new adventures on the path of life.  Painted with acrylics on 19×24″ paper.

I love the colors and movement in this new painting.  Since I have been away from my studio for the past week helping my eldest son pack up his house for a move, I have missed not being in the studio.  There is a part of me that needs to create on a daily basis, so I haven’t been getting my creative fix lately.

Today, I sent in a preliminary application to the Harpo Foundation, in hopes of getting some grant money this year.  Hopefully, I will be able to keep painting on a continuous basis, so that I can get into some good gallery exhibitions.

My plans for an exciting new body of work are taking shape, exciting new abstracts, so sometime in the near future I will share the plan with you.


Painting and Poetry

abstract painting

Some days when I awake my mind seems to go in rhyme.  If I let myself I could create little poems all day long on those days.  Nothing really literary, mind you.  I seem to be destined to only write non-sensical or whimsical little poems.  Even remembering back to high school, when our English literature teacher gave poetry assignments, my poems were about things like “a green crocodile in the blue Nile” … really.  Needless to say, that teacher offered no encouragement whatsoever.  However, had she, my creative side might have bloomed a bit earlier.

But I can see a correlation with my painting and my poetry, such as it is.  Well, let’s say I can do both, hand in hand.

An example would be one of the little poems from my children’s book “The Bear with Blue Hair” … with this poem about a polar bear.

If I were a polar bear,

I’d be pink,

And Id brush my teeth,

At the bathroom sink.

Alongside this type of creativity, here is a painting from yesterday.

Daredevils, 2013, acrylic on paper, Sharon Pierce McCullough