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Lyrical Abstract Paintings

Lyrical abstract paintings

Abstract Paintings

Sometimes it is difficult to put one’s paintings into a category.  Although my work can be defined as abstract, it can also be defined as intuitive.  Intuitive,  meaning that there is no plan when I start the painting process.  I just dip my brush and go.  But there is another defining feature about my paintings and that is the free-flowing lines with a palette of happy colors.  These can be termed lyrical abstracts.

Lyrical Abstraction Paintings

Lyrical abstracts share the aspects of being imaginative, emotive, expressive, passionate and subjective.  There is often an underlying emotion that the artist is trying to convey.  In my respect, the paintings can overwhelmingly impart a sense of joy and happiness.  One of the earliest well-known artists to be considered to paint lyrical abstracts is Wassily Kandinsky.  There is almost a romantic feel to many lyrical abstracts.

Even though I am painting in an intuitive manner, it is almost like there is a symphony taking place, as one color takes over the composition from the other.  It is a totally enjoyable process and the results are very rewarding.  I believe my hand is very influenced by the fact that I have always been a very positive and happy person.  I also believe that my style is influenced, somewhat, by the fact that my father was a musician and an orchestra leader.  My paintings often remind me of musical compositions.

Painting and Poetry

abstract painting

Some days when I awake my mind seems to go in rhyme.  If I let myself I could create little poems all day long on those days.  Nothing really literary, mind you.  I seem to be destined to only write non-sensical or whimsical little poems.  Even remembering back to high school, when our English literature teacher gave poetry assignments, my poems were about things like “a green crocodile in the blue Nile” … really.  Needless to say, that teacher offered no encouragement whatsoever.  However, had she, my creative side might have bloomed a bit earlier.

But I can see a correlation with my painting and my poetry, such as it is.  Well, let’s say I can do both, hand in hand.

An example would be one of the little poems from my children’s book “The Bear with Blue Hair” … with this poem about a polar bear.

If I were a polar bear,

I’d be pink,

And Id brush my teeth,

At the bathroom sink.

Alongside this type of creativity, here is a painting from yesterday.

Daredevils, 2013, acrylic on paper, Sharon Pierce McCullough