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Staying Creative in 2020

Abstract paintings by Sharon Pierce McCullough

On all fronts, 2020 continues to be an unprecedented year. It is also difficult to maintain a creative outlook during this time. Personally, I have been extremely distracted and have to make myself stay focused, to a degree, that is. My sculpture practice started out with a nice thrust, however, as the days have lingered on, I find my focus is further from sculpture than it is with painting.

Painting, especially since I work in abstracts, has been easier for me to work at on most days. I seem to be churning out paintings, primarily on unstretched canvases. And my desire to continually experiment with techniques, color and process have increased at this time. I seem to have started a few new series, however.

One of the most difficult things about staying creative during this pandemic is the fact that all the art fairs, galleries and other art opportunities have fallen by the wayside for now. Many exhibitions have been cancelled and some are now being rescheduled, but time will tell if this continues. So, without the ability to sell, other than online, it is discouraging to many artists. It is certainly a time of possibility to reinvent yourself and your art direction, but much is so up in the air.

But … I am hopeful and I am happy that I can continue to stay creative. 2020 feels like a bust but it might be a blessing in disguise as far as creativity goes!

Geometry in Motion

As I continue with my geometric abstracts, many of my newer pieces of art are taking on a very minimalist look.  This fun painting is done with acrylics and mixed media on bristol board.  I’m having a lot of fun creating the paintings in this newest series.

I must admit that I am constantly drawn to paint black backgrounds, then work with fun bold color to finish the painting.  But I am continually experiementing with other color combinations.  I really like how this painting turned out and the colors on the red background.


Painting:titled Relationships, 19×24 inches.  Copyright Sharon Pierce McCullough

Abstract Geometric Art

abstract art painting

This new painting represents community, titled The Neighborhood, as it reflects people living in proximity with some interacting and others living a solitary life. It was painted in my little studio in Cashtown, PA, just outside of the Gettysburg area.

It’s a fun, colorful piece painted with acrylic, wax crayons, prismacolor pencil.  This abstract geometric painting is on bristol board.


yellow abstract painting

One of my newest paintings on paper symbolizes the relationships of people who are adrift in their lives in a harbor surrounded by friends and family.  Perhaps all they need to do is look around to find support and happiness.

Adrift, acrylic on paper, 19×24, 2013, Sharon Pierce McCullough.

Creative Days As An Artist

art painting

Some days I wake up in the morning, even before I get out of bed, and I know it is going to be a really creative day.  Creative thoughts are already flowing, I just need to channel them for the day’s work.  Sometimes it will be painting, other times poetry or a children’s book I’m working on.  But lately I have been concentrating on my paintings.

However … some days I try to paint and the creativity just doesn’t flow.  Like yesterday.  I spent the day in the studio, working on two new paintings, one a canvas and one on art board.  There was a lot of over-painting done and what I started on the canvas looks entirely different from when I began.  I’m happy with the progress on both and the colors, but they are far from finished.

Pencils to Paint

sharon pierce mccullough art

Lately I’ve been reflecting my transition from pencils to paint.  I think my main influence for using prismacolor pencils was that I had good control of the medium, plus I loved being able to get deep, bright colors other pencils couldn’t achieve.

For some reason I am not a brush artist.  I absolutely do not think I control a brush very well … no matter the size.  Well, let me re-word that.  I can control a brush but I don’t like the results when I use one most of the time.

When I think back to my prismacolor days, I realize that I liked having that control  Now, for some reason, I have moved on to paint and a freedom in using the paints.  I prefer using most anything as a tool rather than a brush, however.  And, yes, I do utilize rollers of all sizes.  My current paintings are created on both canvas and paper.

Fanticize, 2013,  Abstract painting on paper by Sharon Pierce McCullough