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Contemporary Abstract Art

abstract art

Have you ever wondered how different today’s abstract art is from some of the famous abstract artists that are now very collectible?  When you look at some of today’s art it doesn’t seem all that different than centuries ago.  Perhaps some of this is because many artists study art history and are greatly influenced by artists of the past.

Sometimes I wish I knew more art history, but at the same time, I am happy to be evolving in my own direction.  Sometimes when I start a painting I am sure of the direction but my hand takes over and the end result is not what I might have intended.

Notches, acrylic on paper, 19×24, Sharon Pierce McCullough


New Dawn

abstract painting in pinks

One of my favorite new abstracts done in pinks, yellows and orange with bold strokes of white.  It is titled New Dawn as it evokes the bright and cheerful colors of morning.

New Dawn, 30×40, acrylic on canvas by Sharon Pierce McCullough.  January 2013

Creative Days As An Artist

art painting

Some days I wake up in the morning, even before I get out of bed, and I know it is going to be a really creative day.  Creative thoughts are already flowing, I just need to channel them for the day’s work.  Sometimes it will be painting, other times poetry or a children’s book I’m working on.  But lately I have been concentrating on my paintings.

However … some days I try to paint and the creativity just doesn’t flow.  Like yesterday.  I spent the day in the studio, working on two new paintings, one a canvas and one on art board.  There was a lot of over-painting done and what I started on the canvas looks entirely different from when I began.  I’m happy with the progress on both and the colors, but they are far from finished.

Pencils to Paint

sharon pierce mccullough art

Lately I’ve been reflecting my transition from pencils to paint.  I think my main influence for using prismacolor pencils was that I had good control of the medium, plus I loved being able to get deep, bright colors other pencils couldn’t achieve.

For some reason I am not a brush artist.  I absolutely do not think I control a brush very well … no matter the size.  Well, let me re-word that.  I can control a brush but I don’t like the results when I use one most of the time.

When I think back to my prismacolor days, I realize that I liked having that control  Now, for some reason, I have moved on to paint and a freedom in using the paints.  I prefer using most anything as a tool rather than a brush, however.  And, yes, I do utilize rollers of all sizes.  My current paintings are created on both canvas and paper.

Fanticize, 2013,  Abstract painting on paper by Sharon Pierce McCullough

Midnight Light

Midnight on a moonlit night is the balancing point between dark and light.  This is the theme of my newest abstract painting, done with acrylics on canvas.

Road to Nowhere: Road to Everywhere

abstract painting

One of my recent abstracts from “What Lies Beneath” series.

48 x 48  Acrylic on Canvas       Sharon Pierce McCullough